Tuesday 25 March 2008

Bedfordshire Women's Land Army site wins award

Congratulations to Stuart Antrobus and the Bedfordshire County Council’s Local Studies Library staff on winning the Alan Ball Local History Award 2007 for Bedfordshire Women’s Land Army Internet Archive.

In announcing the winners on 28 February 2008, the judges praised the site for being “well structured, easily navigable, and a good example of a library working with a local historian to provide newly researched historical information within an existing website.”

Established nearly 25 years ago and administered by the Library Services Trust, the awards are an established part of the library awards scene and provide publicity for local studies, both nationally and locally, particularly in the winners' home areas. Both Stuart and the library staff must be delighted with this recognition of their contribution to the recent history of Bedfordshire.

Have a look at the website at http://tinyurl.com/2nq2up and see for yourself who the land girls were, and where they lived and worked. The project is on-going. The website is up dated frequently and Stuart is still calling for more information. There's still a lot to fill in about the careers of individual girls. Look at the list: maybe you'll recognise a name and can tell him about the person.

His book on the subject will be published by The Book Castle, Dunstable in October this year.

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