Sunday 18 October 2009

Edworth at Harvard

Many years ago on a visit to Harvard, I disgraced myself on being shown the portrait of Jeremy Bentham in Harvard Law School Library's Art Collection Room by exclaiming 'But that's not Jeremy Bentham!' because the portrait bore little resemblance to the wall painting at University College London.

This posting has nothing to do with Jeremy Bentham, but it is concerned with Harvard Law School Library and Bedfordshire. Amongst the Library's manuscripts is the Hale Collection: 132 manuscripts of land dealings by the Hale family of King's Walden (Hertfordshire) in the 17th century. More than 20 relate to the Hale's lands in Bedfordshire, mainly Edworth (including a grant of the manor in 1683) and a few about Wrestlingworth, Ampthill and Markyate.

A spot check on Edworth in BLARS online catalogue suggests that Harvard's holdings are complementary.

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