Friday 24 September 2010

Friends of BLARS Association

Visiting BLARS last week, I picked up a copy of Bedfordshire & Luton Archives & Records Service News which contains an editorial on the grim financial situation facing all public services.  The editorial says that 'local services and their clients will share the pain' of efficiency savings and that users and staff of BLARS are asking 'How bad is it likely to be?'  to which the answer is 'we don't know but we need to be prepared.'

Part of being prepared, keeping people informed and seeking feedback and support is through the newly formed Friends of BLARS Association. 

BLARS was the first county record office that I used, maybe thirty-odd years ago, and I've used many others since then.   Each gives its own individual and fantastic service to anyone and everyone concerned in the history and culture of the area it covers and also plays a part in our children's education through outreach services to develop and foster their interest in the place where they live. 

I am passionate about the service that BLARS offers.  We don't know what its future is in the current climate but it is vital to ensure that BLARS and all local record offices have a future to continue their vital part in the cultural life of local and national communities.
Read the full editorial and support BLARS by emailing to join the Friends mailing list.

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